Women Rising: It’s Time

Mothers at a baby shower, representing Mother's Day and female solidarity

What We Don’t Know About Mother’s Day and Other Holidays Perpetuates Ignorance. Haven’t we all heard that ignorance of the past condemns us to repeat our mistakes? What would life be like if we embraced all of our sacred and secular holidays as if they applied to every day? How would that elevate our awareness? How would we behave if ... Read More »

Creating Social Justice: Band Aids or Revolution?

Listen to the voiceless

Based on recent events with Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner, a huge national conversation has opened up on race, privilege and the systems we live in. For the purpose of this article, I am less interested in the examination of privilege and race. That is an important part of the discussion, worthy of comment and conversation, and it ... Read More »

Dark Tourism: The Rise of the Macabre in the Public Sphere

Dark Tourism: Ground Zero

“Okay… one, two, three, smile!” my dad said as he pointed the camera at me, my sister, and my mother. The shutter clicked and Dad gave us his signature “thumbs up,” signaling he was satisfied with the image. My mom looked at me and then back up at the looming walls of the Tower of London. “It feels so wrong ... Read More »

On Living

gray squirrel

I   Living is no laughing matter: you must live with great seriousness like a squirrel, for example — I mean without looking for something beyond and above living, I mean living must be your whole occupation. Living is no laughing matter: you must take it seriously, so much so and to such a degree that, for example, your hands ... Read More »

An Open Classroom for the World (Could this TEDx talk go viral?)

the agora projects

What if Self-Organizing Learning Environments (SOLE) spell the end of conventional education for the next culture? I was minding my own business two and a half years ago when a friend and supporter of my unorthodox entrepreneurial inclinations arranged for me to meet with another creative actionist and cultural change agent. Of course, we met at Alfalfa’s Market in Boulder, ... Read More »

ZIMMERMAN: Rainbow Gatherings — A Future-Primitive Civil Disobedience

Gathering Meadow Image

After ten days at the National Rainbow Gathering deep in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, my hands bloodied, my feet black with dirt, and my brow weathered, I entered the small Swiss Alps Motel anxious for a shower and a soft bed. In the lobby I find two fellow “Rainbows” looking sullenly down at the floor while an elderly woman, presumably ... Read More »

Is Technology Making Us Afraid of People?

I’ve been reading a book on marketing called Youtility by Jay Baer. Four chapters in, he brings up something rather insightful: access to the Internet has made people passive aggressive. I wondered, could technology cause more than antisocial behavior? Could overusing technology lead to a fear of interacting with others, or worse, make us afraid of other people? Now, I’m ... Read More »

Will the Racial and Ethnic Divide Ever Become a Distant Memory?  

Michael Jackson's Black or White single cover

The power of media to shape our perceptions and values continues to intrigue me. When I tuned into CBS’s Sunday Morning program on a snowy Mother’s Day in the foothills of the Rockies, I was immediately taken by a story about Cheerios and their Super Bowl ad. General Mills took a bold step by featuring a multi-racial family eating Cheerios ... Read More »

Datsyukian Deke and the Unifying Language of Culture

Red Wing's Datsyuk skates pass Chicago Blackhawk's Handzus

There is a small percentage of folks that know what a Datsyukian reference is. Maybe there are a few hundred thousand of us world wide. It could be more, I don’t know. It’s an obscure colloquialism in a small but growing culture. We don’t brag about it. We relish in it. When Datsyukian things happen, we spread the Datsyuk. Our ... Read More »

Rub Some Dirt in It

Where the Wild Things Are Picture

We are all familiar with classics such as Where the Wild Things Are and Home Alone, two tales of children holding their own and embracing any obstacles in their path. While audiences find the main characters’ bold behavior amusing, such challenging situations are not only necessary for children’s development, but are getting harder and harder to come by. It does a kid a ... Read More »