Can We Be Faithful to Monogamy?

Cartoon of woman criticizing polygamy and ignoring the own complexities of her so-called monogamous relationships.

Are we truly a species meant to practice monogamy or is society trying to enforce an outmoded way of life? The topic has puzzled many — after all, the idea that two people can stay in love forever seems farcical when the media bombards us with shocking divorce stories. Generally, monogomy is defined as the practice of marriage to one person at a ... Read More »

Exotic Photos of Women by Nadja Ellinger

exotic photos of women

This German photographer has a distinctive style. More here. Read More »

Grand Porn Experiment

suggestive picture of a woman in a mini-skirt

If the pharmaceutical industry doped the world’s water supply with stimulants as an experiment, didn’t tell anyone, and further didn’t even do a study of what the results were, would you find that of interest? If your children, your family and your friends were having electronic waves beamed through their brains, stimulating brain changes in new and unknown ways, would ... Read More »

The Rise of the Divine Wild Feminine

The Goddess Kali divine feminine

Does the sensuality of a powerful woman terrify you? In my experience it should. I speak of the kind of terror that evokes a deep and reverent visceral response. The kind of terror that humans feel in utter blackness. A fear that simultaneously paralyzes and inspires respect. Do you experience trepidation of the unknown, anything beyond your ability to control ... Read More »

Communication ≠ Conversation

technology and communication cartoon

With the ever-growing presence of technology in our lives, it is becoming increasingly harder to have a conversation with a person without some electronic information exchange involved. In an article in The Atlantic, Megan Garber shares her interaction with Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and a professor at MIT. Turkle talks about the difference between communication and information exchange and having ... Read More »

How I Met Your Mother

two hands holding each other, one reaching from the matrix of a computer, across a computer keyboard

The Onion does it again! The satirical website tackles online dating and the relative absurdity of finding a life partner based on a keyword search and the mathematical calculations computers make to determine your percentage of compatibility with someone. Check out this couple’s happy ending as they tell their children about how they met and knew it was love at ... Read More »

What Does “Gay” Look Like? NFL Prospect Challenges Stereotypes

Michael Sam wearing a Mizzou jersey, holds a rock

Michael Sam, the All-America defensive lineman at the University of Missouri, is the top college prospect at his position heading into the coming NFL draft. He’s big (6’2″, 255 lbs.). He’s fast (4.7 second forty yard dash). He’s good (11.5 sacks & 19 tackles). And he’s gay. It’s only a matter of time before Sam finds his spot on an ... Read More »