In the Flow: Creative Practice as Service

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”        —Rumi Creativity, for me, is the juice of life. It’s the frequency of energy that makes everything feel alive, present and connected. Aligning with the flow of creation in all the small and big ways possible feels gratifying beyond measure, ... Read More »

Nurse Log: A Radical Departure

double nurse log

An enormous slab of cedar was sitting on the beach where I live. The sand and tide had worn the shape of the wood, revealing an image of a woman with her right arm held high above her head. I brought the cedar home and left it leaning up against my barn, where it stayed for the next year. Over ... Read More »

Mother-Daughter Artwork Goes Viral

mother-daughter art

In the past few months, artistic endeavors by artists with their children have gone viral. All over the internet people are buzzing about the inspiring art created through these surprising collaborations. Mica Hendricks is a dedicated illustrator, graphic designer, and mom to five-year-old Myla. When Myla was four, she asked her mother for permission to use Mica’s personal sketchbook. Mica, envisioning ... Read More »

I Dwell in Possibility

Emily Dickinson

I dwell in Possibility – A fairer House than Prose – More numerous of Windows – Superior – for Doors – Of Chambers as the Cedars – Impregnable of eye – And for an everlasting Roof The Gambrels of the Sky – Of Visitors – the fairest – For Occupation – This – The spreading wide my narrow Hands To ... Read More »

Hide Your Smiling Faces: Grim Childhood and the Hope for Childlike Innocence

Hide Your Smiling Faces

I always had an urge to lose myself in the wilderness surrounding my childhood home. I remember running through the aspen grove outside my parent’s front steps, climbing over the stones that marked where our acreage ended, and stumbling down the steep hills in desperate pursuit of the small creek that I had deemed magical. Sometimes I wish that my sense of ... Read More »

God and Science Go to Hollywood

Magic Ball

As a consummate Marvel fangirl, I immediately sat down to watch Marvel’s newest TV show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when it came out in September 2013. While it wasn’t an amazing show, as a loyal (and unemployed) fan, I kept watching. So I was rather surprised when, in one of the final episodes of the season, a short discussion over impending ... Read More »

The Next Renaissance

Renaissance musicians

There is every reason to believe that a true, new, next Renaissance is happening and has been emerging for some time now. This Renaissance involves, like its original 14th century namesake, a resurgence of the arts and new ideas all around. This emergence of creativity is noted in tandem with the collapse of the old structures that formerly kept the ... Read More »

What’s your cubicle playlist?

A game of movement and music

It seems like I’ve always had one or both earbuds in my ears. Pop icons like Ke$ha or the mellow sounds of Explosions in the Sky drown out the silence of working at my computer. It isn’t so surprising, then, that this immediately caught my attention. Is the constant soundtrack helping or hindering my working habits? Music is good for updating Facebook ... Read More »

Monkey See, Monkey Selfie

selfie created by a female Celebes crested macaque

For those out of the know, the selfie is a well-established tradition of internet culture in which one takes a one-handed self-portrait with a camera or phone. A selfie spontaneously taken by an adorable monkey sounds practically tailor-made for going viral. In 2011, professional nature photographer David Slater lugged his camera equipment through an Indonesian forest in search of rare ... Read More »

Where Culture Goes

Catalan Atlas, 1375

Since patterns are an integral part of our world, from flowers to traffic congestion, it’s not surprising that human migration follows an order of its own. Art historian Maximilian Schich and his colleagues, seeking to explore the movement of artistic centers throughout Western history, have mapped the births and deaths of more than 150,000 cultural revolutionaries (famous artists, actors, politicians, ... Read More »