Fractals: Happiness Within the Infinite

Coastline fractal image

For many people life represents a pilgrimage: a rat race to financial success, a scramble to stake a claim on our own little place in the sun, a yearning to engrave a happy ending on our tombstones. The great “pursuit of happiness.” This yearning to “make something of ourselves” requires us to form an order out of the chaos that surrounds us—chaos that seems ... Read More »

Art Makes You Smart

Sarah Halstead’s art classroom at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado, brims with creativity. Finished projects are piled up on a table, the ceiling tiles have been painted by former pupils and students are always milling around working on their pottery, even in the off periods. Halstead greets individuals as they trickle in for Pottery and Sculpture 1 and then ... Read More »

Chaos: the Heartbeat of the Cosmos

Mandelbrot Set Image

According to mathematics our world is steeped in unpredictability, popularly referred to as chaos. The very course of our lives from the crib to the grave meanders through a wilderness of unpredictability, passing through random events and circumstances, and sometimes spontaneously changing course on an unexpected dime. Weather patterns, geological formations, and stock market fluctuations are all examples of chaotic systems, impossible ... Read More »

Balloons, and Satellites, and Drones, Oh My! The Internet’s New Horizons

project loon balloon

The internet of today will not be the internet of tomorrow. As the future of a free-flowing internet is up for debate in Congress, the verdict from private industry is clear: more internet for more people equals more opportunity. Three titans of industry are hoping to expand the boundaries of the internet, making it available to more than 4 billion people ... Read More »

Robot Apocalypse

Robot Apocalypse

Artificial intelligence is coming. With the recent winning of Jeopardy! by IMB’s Watson and the most successful Turing test to date, it’s undeniably on its way.  And with it comes a whole slew of prophetic warnings. Through books like Isaac Aismov’s I, Robot and movies like The Terminator and 2001: A Space Odyssey, we’ve all been exposed to the potential ... Read More »

Happiness Is a Warm School


Happiness is when you feel really good about somebody. —Al Green, Love and Happiness Ah, happiness—that slippery but sublime thing that we all seem to be chasing throughout our lives! Where do we find it? How do we hang on to it, and what can we learn from those who seem to have never lost it? I’m talking about those ... Read More »

Brain on Ocean

Man with umbrella looks out over Morecambe Bay.

What is it about a watery landscape that makes us pause in our footsteps? As I’ve traveled in the U.K. for the past two months, far away from my landlocked home in the States, I’ve stood on a beach four times, sat by a river, peered off a dock, stared out the window at lakes and reservoirs, and crossed innumerable bridges. Every ... Read More »

Free e-learning is getting a makeover


Online education is in an exciting growth phase that’s giving us better design. Tutorial videos are becoming shorter, more condensed, and more aesthetically appealing. There are new apps for on-the-go learning, and Google is providing educational games that live up to their innovative reputation. Khan Academy, the world’s largest interactive online classroom, has been paying close attention to feedback from their 10 million monthly users. Created by Salmon ... Read More »

New Insights into Massive Solar Rainfalls

Solar rainfalls

Forty years after the initial discovery of solar rainstorms a team of researchers at Trinity College in Dublin may finally be able to shed some light on the physics behind this visually stunning phenomena. A sudden release of magnetic energy from the sun’s corona (the sun’s outer gaseous layer) powers solar flares, massive explosions of plasma heated to tens of ... Read More »

The Robots Are Coming!

robot girl

Have you noticed the uptick in news about robots? Not only is there an explosion of  robotics articles these days, but it turns out that some of them may have been written by robots! The Associated Press is the latest news outlet to jump on the bandwagon. AP automated writers will be churning out more than ten times the number of earnings reports than their human ... Read More »