WEALTH DISPARITY: What If The One Percent Was You?

99% image

In the post-recession, 21st-century America, many of us see ourselves on one side of an economic fence with the 1% on the other. We know that for nearly forty years the gap between the top and bottom wage earners has widened exponentially. Since 1979, real annual wages for the top 90-95th percent of earners have grown 35.7%, wages for the next 95-99th percent have ... Read More »

WEALTH DISPARITY: Inequality and a Wealth of Dithering

wealth inequality in U.S.

Perhaps no debate in the American political atmosphere has been as persistent or as divisive as the question of what—if anything—to do about national wealth disparity. This debate has served as a fulcrum for our socioeconomic identity as well as government policy—foreign and domestic—for more than a century. Political careers have been forged and broken over it, communism was embraced ... Read More »

Art That Changes the World

Art Poster of Apocalypse ofAmerican dollar bill with George Washington with a third eye/activist art

Art has a long history of provocation, asking us to enlarge our vision and see with new eyes. This is also the agenda of the political activist, who employs petitions, lobbying, and canvassing. So not surprisingly, some activists are using art as a potent tool for change, while some artists are learning to sharpen their political point. The Center for Creative Activism is at the forefront of uniting ... Read More »

Put your money where your heart is

earth and money on a teeter-totter

I’ve been reading a lot about aging and death lately, perhaps because I’m middle aged with two aging parents, or just because I’m fascinated by it. In America we’re so ill prepared to walk through the process of death with someone. We’re thrown into a crash course of medical systems, biological functionality and the economics of healthcare. I’ve learned there’s ... Read More »

Four Ways Not to Hate Your Job

snow white and the seven dwarves

What makes work satisfying for some and drudgery for others? According to a study conducted jointly by Harvard Business Review and The Energy Project (a consulting firm), work is most rewarding when it engages us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Not surprisingly, they found that engaged workers get more done. Three times more, it turns out. Creating a satisfied worker is not a ... Read More »

Whither goest the Vale of Silicon…

Man standing in front of Google's gingerbread man in Silicon Valley

Friends left good jobs at Autodesk in 1999 to start a dotcom selling pantyhose. They were men: who can fault them for thinking pantyhose were a hot commodity? Today, Autodesk looks stronger than ever, while gazelle.com barely hoisted its web banner before it went down with the dotcom bust. Greed may be good in Hollywood films, but it tends to have a catastrophic effect on the economy: when reality catches ... Read More »

Gut, Gut, Gut, What?

Scrapper seen taken apart a railing in an abandoned school, sparks showering down below

Phase three in the gutting of our American cities is underway. It has been for a few years now. Illegal metal scrapping in Cleveland , as reported by vice.com, is but one example of what’s happening across the United States. A recent documentary covers scrappers in Chicago. I referred to it as illegal, and by law it is just that, ... Read More »

Actual, Relevant, Real Television News (I know, right?)

Vice Opening Screen

Edward R. Murrow must be turning in his grave. More and more the news that streams through our televisions is biased, trite, and sensationalized. Unwatchable, for me. Until now. I’m a rabid fan of HBO’s  news series, Vice, hosted by the co-founders of Vice Magazine, which launched from Montreal in 1994. It was this most recent episode that sold me. ... Read More »

Inner Security vs. National Security

peace and security

What if we invested $500 billion every year on peace initiatives? What if the opinion leaders of society decided that the 21st century would be the time we put an end to hot or cold war? Is it a dream, or can it become our reality? What are your thoughts on inner security vs. national security? Read More »

Next Capitalism

capitalism and investing

I'm not rejecting democracy, but I am starting to make some inquiries into its actual usefulness in my daily life. Read More »