What If God Became Bored?
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What If God Became Bored?

I recently stumbled across an excerpt of an Alan Watts lecture titled What if God Became Bored? It suggests that God, an omniscient, omnipotent being, had exhausted all its options for creation and exploration and experience. Having exhausted the entirety of its entertainment options, God decided to stop being God. God created an infinite number of options where anything would be possible, a universe of entities that are exploring all possibilities of experience (including death of God) and are unaware of the fact that they are God.

Watts suggests that we, humankind, are the fruit of God’s boredom. He lays it out in “human terms”, using lucid dreams where one could be fully in control of their dreams and 75 years of experiences could be had in a typical night’s sleep. According to Watts, after a while, after dreaming of every experience one could ever desire, there would come a point where a risk of some sort would need to be interjected to keep the dreams exciting. After a bit of this added risk dreaming, something more would need to be added or tweaked. Final destination is a place where these God dreams are our lives.

I have, since high school or shortly after, felt that if there was one statement in the Bible that I could get on board with, it is that God created us, humans, in his likeness. I have had many experiences that are too well connected to my consciousness to be mere coincidences. My personal connectedness and experiences range from having a random thought about a person, event or thing and shortly after having said object of my thoughts appear in my reality.

A perfect example I can recall was with a friend of mine while skiing. We were separated from the rest of our group for a good amount of time. We found some nice terrain and were relishing in it. This led to a relaxing break, slope-side, and some deep and insightful conversation. We realized we had been out of touch with the rest of our group for a while and decided to try and find them. My friend suggested looking for his brother specifically. We made our way down the back side of the mountain and boarded the nearest ski lift. As we deboarded, my friend’s brother was getting off a lift that came from the opposite side of the mountain. Crazy coincidence? Sure, if you need it to be. But this mountain had 20 lifts, covering 2500 acres of terrain. Through mere intention, without effort, we arrived at our intended mark. Actually, our intended mark arrived at us!

Another example I can easily recall is a time I was shooting-the-bull with a coworker. We had gotten into the topic of childhood songs. I had mentioned a song we teased my brother with when we were children – “Chucky E’s in Love.” I had not heard this song or heard anyone ever mention it in at least two decades. A couple days later I was in a department store and lo and behold, over the store’s speakers, mother-ducking “Chuck E’s in Love” was playing! Now, I know this could be written off as I have just not noticed the song at the other random times in the past 20 years and that I only noticed it now because the conversation with my coworker was so fresh in my memory. This is not a generic song. It is very memorable for me and I have to believe that if it were to be played within my earshot I would remember hearing it.

I have had many, many of these types of experiences in my life, as I’m sure you have. When I combine them with the “observer effect” of quantum physics, the scientific evidence that we humans influence matter by mere observation, I have to think that there is something more going on than just coincidence. And this question, What if God were bored? Well, I’m starting to wonder, What if I were bored?

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