How To Choose Best Meat Cuts For Grilling?

For many food lovers, grilling is not just a cooking method, it’s even more than that – an art. And that’s the reason why they appreciate every grilling dishes made by cooks who know about meat and grilling techniques. You can find the best gas grill for the money, you can find the best ingredients and spices to start grilling but if the cuts of the meat you choose is not suitable for grilling, it’s not going to be good enough to satisfy people who love grilled cuisines.

When you butcher a cow or a pig, there are so many parts of the cut you can choose from depending on how you are going to use them. For grilling, there are so many things to care about. In this post, I will show you some pork and beef cuts which are perfect for grilling.

Grilled beef

  1. Ribs

You can use both beef and pork ribs. They are all good for grilling. Sometimes you might want to start boiling your ribs for better quality when using in other cooking methods. Tenderness is the key factor when grilling ribs. Smoking and grilling is definitely the way you want your cuts to be. They are quite excellent in the amount of fat, the texture of the meat and also the colours and the taste when the food is cooked. However, it would take you quite a long amount of time to actually grill the ribs correctly.

There are some tips you should pay attention to when grilling pork and beef ribs:

  • Don’t be too rush when cooking ribs, the meat would become tough to eat and the meat would keep sticking in the bone.
  • Another common mistake of people when grill ribs is that they keep the heat too high. Remember: “Slow and low”.
  • The meat side should be down when grilling to contact with the heat as much as possible and the grease can be dipped into the meat.
  • The flavours can be enhanced by using herbs and types of spices in terms of your cooking style.

The best heat for ribs grilling should be around 200 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also take account for the grilling time as well. Set your timer no less than 45 minutes. Actually if your meat cut is bigger than normal, 90 minutes is fine.

  1. Pork Chops

People often think of boiling or braising when mentioning about pork chops, but they are for bacon, not the centre cuts of loins. Pork loins can be such a great ingredient for the oven cooking, but if you want some changes and a little bit surprising flavour, it’s time for grilling.

Grilled pork chops

When choosing the chops for grilling, you should look for the cuts with fat rings at the edge so when the pork is grilled, the outer coat would not be over burnt. The grill can make use of this amount of fat to grill the meat cuts themselves and add a little bit flavour inside. Actually you should not remove the bones as well because they are also an essential part to add the flavour while grilling.

In many restaurant, the bone – in chops are the best for grilling based on the vote and they often combine this dish with some herbs from many regions worldwide to create flavourful cuisines. In addition, adding smoky smell is a brilliant idea if you have extra time. Make sure you can make open flame to add smoke and make the outer coat salty and crispy.

  1. Beef Skirt Steak

When you buy any cuts of the beef, the price is something you want to look at first and foremost. In fact, the beef skirt steak is the cheapest part you can get from the supermarket. The tenderness of the skirt steak is perfect for grilling, but you have to be careful not to burn it. The steak is best served when it’s hot and spicy. That’s why Mexican dishes often make use of this cut as the main ingredient. You can marinate the meat cuts so that the flavour can be boosted greatly. Mexican spices go incredibly well with the skirt steak, if you are a person who loves Mexican food, it’s the style for you to discover. Remember that it’s very spicy so adjust the amount for the best taste.

When marinate the steak, onion and garlic are the best ingredients for a strong flavour. In fact, they can remove the strong smell of the beef steak that you don’t want to keep in the dishes while grilling. Unlike ribs, the steaks can be done really quickly with hot heat. The best temperature for grilling skirt steak would be around 170 degree within 4 or 5 minutes. It should be done just right, no need to keep inside for further heating. Medium rare is the best condition for cooking skirt steaks.

  1. Beef Loin Strip Steak

The strip steak is the best one for you to grill among all of the beef cuts. It’s classic and simply tasty without having to add too many spices or prepare much. The strip streak is cut from the top loin so it’s very tender that you can bite and sink your teeth into without using any efforts. Grilling can help strengthening the meat’s texture as well as add more flavours into each slice.

The best way for preparing the steak is rubbing it with olive oil and marinate for a while. Garlic should be used to remove the bad smell of the steak. Similar to the skirt steak, you will need to set the heat at about 170 degrees and cook the steaks in about 4 to 6 minutes. Cooking this type of steak can give you a quick bite with other types of vegetable and reduce greatly the amount of calories intake during the grilling party.

If you need any other information about grilling and how to grill meat perfectly, you can go to our website about grilling parties and look for helpful information there. Nothing can stop you from having such a content meal with grilled cuisines.

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