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Why Culture Matters

sea level

A few years ago, I was just starting to explore my interest in sustainability, and a friend shared a post by the author Sharon Astyk. That post moved me deeply and forever shaped the way I frame responses to such issues. Sadly, I lost the link to the article with the demise of Google Reader, though I continued to follow ... Read More »

Sacred Activism

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

Recently, Martin Frischknecht, editor of the Swiss magazine Spuren, interviewed Charles Eisenstein about his newest book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible: Martin Frischknecht: Charles, thank you so much for the opportunity to talk about your latest book. In fact I am haunted by its many insights, and there is many a passage that strikes me as if it ... Read More »

Art That Changes the World

Art Poster of Apocalypse ofAmerican dollar bill with George Washington with a third eye/activist art

Art has a long history of provocation, asking us to enlarge our vision and see with new eyes. This is also the agenda of the political activist, who employs petitions, lobbying, and canvassing. So not surprisingly, some activists are using art as a potent tool for change, while some artists are learning to sharpen their political point. The Center for Creative Activism is at the forefront of uniting ... Read More »

Put your money where your heart is

earth and money on a teeter-totter

I’ve been reading a lot about aging and death lately, perhaps because I’m middle aged with two aging parents, or just because I’m fascinated by it. In America we’re so ill prepared to walk through the process of death with someone. We’re thrown into a crash course of medical systems, biological functionality and the economics of healthcare. I’ve learned there’s ... Read More »

Actual, Relevant, Real Television News (I know, right?)

Vice Opening Screen

Edward R. Murrow must be turning in his grave. More and more the news that streams through our televisions is biased, trite, and sensationalized. Unwatchable, for me. Until now. I’m a rabid fan of HBO’s  news series, Vice, hosted by the co-founders of Vice Magazine, which launched from Montreal in 1994. It was this most recent episode that sold me. ... Read More »