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An Open Classroom for the World (Could this TEDx talk go viral?)

the agora projects

What if Self-Organizing Learning Environments (SOLE) spell the end of conventional education for the next culture? I was minding my own business two and a half years ago when a friend and supporter of my unorthodox entrepreneurial inclinations arranged for me to meet with another creative actionist and cultural change agent. Of course, we met at Alfalfa’s Market in Boulder, ... Read More »

THE ORDER OF THE GOOD DEATH: The Dead Sea Necropolis of the Future

                              There’s nothing more pleasing than a well designed necropolis, or city of the dead. When you think necropolis, you likely imagine the ancient burial grounds of the past. But let us look to the necropoli (necropoleis? necropoles?- there’s a lot of debate about what the ... Read More »

Urban Living Reimagined

Bamboo structure in Bali, the same material for bamboo homes

Is housing in short supply or is it in need of being creatively reimagined?  Check  out these images of bamboo homes within abandoned factories.     Read More »


one happy face in a bunch of sad faces happiness and environment

I’ve always had fond memories of towns with Mom and Pop storefronts along Main Street, or quaint historical districts. I’ve never really thought about why this is true, until reading the Atlantic article “Why We’re Sometimes Kind Without Reason.” Despite never having lived in this kind of place, I feel a similar fondness to what Charles Montgomery describes in this ... Read More »

Termite Robots

cup of robots

Self-organizing robots building 3-D structures are here! The Harvard scientists responsible for this were inspired by nature, specifically termite colonies that can build mud structures as high as twenty feet. Scientists tout the endless possibilities of robot termites,  but I can’t shake images of Terminator, Rise of the Machines. Here’s more. Read More »