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Art Makes You Smart

Sarah Halstead’s art classroom at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado, brims with creativity. Finished projects are piled up on a table, the ceiling tiles have been painted by former pupils and students are always milling around working on their pottery, even in the off periods. Halstead greets individuals as they trickle in for Pottery and Sculpture 1 and then ... Read More »

Nurse Log: A Radical Departure

double nurse log

An enormous slab of cedar was sitting on the beach where I live. The sand and tide had worn the shape of the wood, revealing an image of a woman with her right arm held high above her head. I brought the cedar home and left it leaning up against my barn, where it stayed for the next year. Over ... Read More »

Mother-Daughter Artwork Goes Viral

mother-daughter art

In the past few months, artistic endeavors by artists with their children have gone viral. All over the internet people are buzzing about the inspiring art created through these surprising collaborations. Mica Hendricks is a dedicated illustrator, graphic designer, and mom to five-year-old Myla. When Myla was four, she asked her mother for permission to use Mica’s personal sketchbook. Mica, envisioning ... Read More »

What is beauty?


Human beings universally seek beauty in others, but a misrepresented version plagues our society. In 2007, the US ranked first in the amount spent on beauty products. The average American is exposed to 1,500 advertisements a day, and almost half of those are beauty-related. We’re a culture obsessed with how we look, but the image many women strive for is ... Read More »

Why Is This Bench Melting?

Jeppe Hein's bench, one of the many pieces that show social interaction in art

It is said that art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. Danish artist Jeppe Hein, while not disturbed, is certainly doing the former—literally. This artist has installed art pieces around the world that turn the placid, boring public bench into something completely new. This once-quiet resting place now engenders a hub of activity. Some of Hein’s benches are ... Read More »

Art That Changes the World

Art Poster of Apocalypse ofAmerican dollar bill with George Washington with a third eye/activist art

Art has a long history of provocation, asking us to enlarge our vision and see with new eyes. This is also the agenda of the political activist, who employs petitions, lobbying, and canvassing. So not surprisingly, some activists are using art as a potent tool for change, while some artists are learning to sharpen their political point. The Center for Creative Activism is at the forefront of uniting ... Read More »


 “Air” (carved cedar, paint, found and altered objects) “Four Elements” (Water, Fire, Earth & Air) Read More »

I Like to Watch

sign that says Sleep No More, which is a Shakespeare interactive experimental theater production

Theater is said to be the most engaging of art forms. Unlike at a film, the audience reacts to the actors in real time, laughing, gasping, applauding in a symbiosis that affects the performance. Generally, we do that while ensconced in our comfy seats. Occasionally, more is required. We may be asked to throw out concepts for improv actors to  perform, or perhaps be enlisted in the action in ... Read More »

What does the Internet look like?

map of the Internet 1.0, Jay Simons.

This map of the internet is brilliant and you can get it for yourself! Read More »

Is Copying the Key to Creativity?

a red circular badge with a black and white cartoon giving thumbs up

Part of this post is copied, and I am losing track of which part, but it likely is the part that follows in quotes, but I am not sure who or what is being quoted because this was found on the Internet after it was reposted.  But note the posting was a reposting and the subject is how copying is ... Read More »