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The Reader

the reader

It waited for him in the dusty treatises On his father’s bookshelf, in the back stacks Of the local library, in the rare book room And the manuscript collection on the fifth floor, In the basement where they kept the well-thumbed Periodicals and crumbling theology texts. Unshelved and displaced, uncatalogued, overdue, It waited in the background while he scanned The ... Read More »

Uncle Charlie

homeless man sleeping on grass

Some people emanate light wherever they are. They instinctively see the inner spark in people and feed it. They uplift and empower, because that’s just what they’re here to do. My friend Charlie is one of these people. As many people are, I was drawn to Charlie’s energy. He has a warm, energetic invitation, which his Brooklyn accent only magnifies. ... Read More »

The Wisdom of F#@k It!

slots machine that spell fuck it, one of the modern Zen koans

Last summer, while on a pilgrimage in Ireland, I wandered around the city of Cork.  The flavor of my inner life at the time was one of worry, losing control, with a few dashes of desperation. I went there after leaving a spiritual community; my relationship was in unknown territory, and I was broke. In such conditions my temperament and defense ... Read More »

Future of the Mind

microchip brain, which might be the answer to consciousness and technology

Stephen Hawking has a microchip attached to the rim of his eye glasses. It reads his brain waves, turning his thoughts into text. For lesser minds, the same chip has to be attached directly to the brain, just under the top of the scalp. Eventually, these chips will be able to receive downloads, allowing us to learn complex volumes of ... Read More »