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Four Ways Not to Hate Your Job

snow white and the seven dwarves

What makes work satisfying for some and drudgery for others? According to a study conducted jointly by Harvard Business Review and The Energy Project (a consulting firm), work is most rewarding when it engages us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Not surprisingly, they found that engaged workers get more done. Three times more, it turns out. Creating a satisfied worker is not a ... Read More »

Whither goest the Vale of Silicon…

Man standing in front of Google's gingerbread man in Silicon Valley

Friends left good jobs at Autodesk in 1999 to start a dotcom selling pantyhose. They were men: who can fault them for thinking pantyhose were a hot commodity? Today, Autodesk looks stronger than ever, while gazelle.com barely hoisted its web banner before it went down with the dotcom bust. Greed may be good in Hollywood films, but it tends to have a catastrophic effect on the economy: when reality catches ... Read More »

DANNA BEAL, WORKPLACE CULTURE: Renew, Restore, and Rebuild

Gallup’s 2013 Report on the State of the American Workplace is Revealing Spring is a wonderful time of the year to renew, restore, and rebuild in all areas of your life, including your workplace.If you are not fulfilled or are feeling stress from your workplace, you are not alone. Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace survey showed that of the ... Read More »

The Time Café

clock with money as face instead of numbers

Recently, a new kind of café opened in London. Ziferblat, which means “clock-face” in Russian, is a café where the coffee is free, but the time you spend there isn’t. At 3p a minute (that’s a nickle in the U.S.), the cost seems reasonable. That’d be $3 for an hour, which depending on your choice of frothy milk concoction is ... Read More »

Next Capitalism

capitalism and investing

I'm not rejecting democracy, but I am starting to make some inquiries into its actual usefulness in my daily life. Read More »

The Internet of Things

smart technology

Have you ever felt like the continuous change resulting from technology has us moving a little too fast? Brace yourself. It’s about to get faster. The next thing in technology is emerging. The Internet of Things (IoT) is happening. The following article, written for business leaders, should be read by all. As more and more human beings electronically “connect” (be it ... Read More »