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Mother-Daughter Artwork Goes Viral

mother-daughter art

In the past few months, artistic endeavors by artists with their children have gone viral. All over the internet people are buzzing about the inspiring art created through these surprising collaborations. Mica Hendricks is a dedicated illustrator, graphic designer, and mom to five-year-old Myla. When Myla was four, she asked her mother for permission to use Mica’s personal sketchbook. Mica, envisioning ... Read More »

MARCY AXNESS: The Joys of Adult Children

I mean that title as a double-entendre, because this week is steeped in both meanings: I spent a long Father’s Day weekend in San Francisco being an adult child — musing nostalgically around the city and Marin, the landscape of my early childhood — and am now spending a couple of days responding to my grown daughter’s call for Mama time. Childhood ... Read More »

Why Is My Child Always Sick?

by Kelly Dorfman. MS, LND My daughter’s friend came to spend the weekend. Afterwards, she told her mom she wanted to take vitamins like Tory because, “she never gets sick” and she wondered, “Why is my child always sick”? In truth, our family rarely gets what is “going around” because we have an effective natural medicine cabinet. At first sign ... Read More »

Yoga for Children

Why yoga for children? Ten years ago we were asking that question about martial arts. Now there are classes for children at martial arts studios on every corner. Although yoga has enjoyed popularity with adults for many years, we have only recently come to understand how helpful it can be for young children. Yoga postures and angles create pressures that ... Read More »

EPIDEMIC ANSWERS: Visual Motor Skills and Math

Based on a talk Dr. Harry Wachs gave at the 1999 Third International Congress on Behavioral Optometry in McLean, VA Visual motor skills and math:  Children who have internalized visual cognitive skills through early childhood experiences in sandboxes, in bathtubs, and with toys, usually demonstrate high math achievement. Others learn required arithmetic computations by rote performance or memory. Although teachers ... Read More »

Rub Some Dirt in It

Where the Wild Things Are Picture

We are all familiar with classics such as Where the Wild Things Are and Home Alone, two tales of children holding their own and embracing any obstacles in their path. While audiences find the main characters’ bold behavior amusing, such challenging situations are not only necessary for children’s development, but are getting harder and harder to come by. It does a kid a ... Read More »