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In the Flow: Creative Practice as Service

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”        —Rumi Creativity, for me, is the juice of life. It’s the frequency of energy that makes everything feel alive, present and connected. Aligning with the flow of creation in all the small and big ways possible feels gratifying beyond measure, ... Read More »

BRAIN PICKINGS: Jazz Legend Bill Evans on the Creative Process, Self-Teaching, and Balancing Clarity with Spontaneity in Problem-Solving

“The person that succeeds in anything has the realistic viewpoint at the beginning and [knows] that the problem is large and that he has to take it a step at a time.” In a 1915 letter to his young son, Albert Einstein advised that the best way to learn anything is “when you are doing something with such enjoyment that ... Read More »

The Next Renaissance

Renaissance musicians

There is every reason to believe that a true, new, next Renaissance is happening and has been emerging for some time now. This Renaissance involves, like its original 14th century namesake, a resurgence of the arts and new ideas all around. This emergence of creativity is noted in tandem with the collapse of the old structures that formerly kept the ... Read More »

What’s your cubicle playlist?

A game of movement and music

It seems like I’ve always had one or both earbuds in my ears. Pop icons like Ke$ha or the mellow sounds of Explosions in the Sky drown out the silence of working at my computer. It isn’t so surprising, then, that this immediately caught my attention. Is the constant soundtrack helping or hindering my working habits? Music is good for updating Facebook ... Read More »

Make your daydreams work for you

Child looking out window daydreaming

Can you engineer the “ah hah!” moment? Yes — if you’re willing to try new things and let yourself daydream. Your brain’s neural circuits interact to produce solutions when you let your mind wander, says neuroscience. We’ve all had the experience of trying hard to think of a name that has eluded us, one we “know” quite well. Very often, all ... Read More »

Art That Changes the World

Art Poster of Apocalypse ofAmerican dollar bill with George Washington with a third eye/activist art

Art has a long history of provocation, asking us to enlarge our vision and see with new eyes. This is also the agenda of the political activist, who employs petitions, lobbying, and canvassing. So not surprisingly, some activists are using art as a potent tool for change, while some artists are learning to sharpen their political point. The Center for Creative Activism is at the forefront of uniting ... Read More »

Be a trendsetter!

The New York Times newsroom black and white

A lot of journalists are writing about the fate of journalism these days, trying their hardest to figure out whither it all goest. One might even be forgiven for suspecting that writing about journalism is what’s keeping journalism alive. How to make money at it is certainly a Big Question in the era of free (and if you’ve got the inside ... Read More »

Creativity Is Bravery

montage of artistic photos of cameras, supporting creativity and bravery

Do you want to be more creative? Write that novel you know you have in you, start a company, solve the world’s problems? It takes guts, says creativity researcher Robert Sternberg, and you have to practice it. Creativity is not just the province of those who are born with it, it’s a habit that can be cultivated. As a successful writer ... Read More »

WILLIAM WALKER: Express Yourself Fully and Then Be Silent

There is an expression in the Tao Te Ching: express yourself fully and then be silent. There is a lot of wisdom in this expression. It speaks to the human journey, the cosmic intelligence, the distinction of being and becoming, and the nondual realization of the two. Humans are guided by two primary movements, which from a nondual perspective are ... Read More »

Is Copying the Key to Creativity?

a red circular badge with a black and white cartoon giving thumbs up

Part of this post is copied, and I am losing track of which part, but it likely is the part that follows in quotes, but I am not sure who or what is being quoted because this was found on the Internet after it was reposted.  But note the posting was a reposting and the subject is how copying is ... Read More »