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Falling in Love with Nature

beautiful trees

I wonder about the direction of humanity in a world where selfie was declared the 2013 Oxford Dictionary word of the year. If that wasn’t enough to get my attention and inspire a response, the 2014-15  word of the year was vape! Now, we have “vapers” taking “selfies” and sharing them on social media sites. Will everything in our future ... Read More »

Why Culture Matters

sea level

A few years ago, I was just starting to explore my interest in sustainability, and a friend shared a post by the author Sharon Astyk. That post moved me deeply and forever shaped the way I frame responses to such issues. Sadly, I lost the link to the article with the demise of Google Reader, though I continued to follow ... Read More »

Where Culture Goes

Catalan Atlas, 1375

Since patterns are an integral part of our world, from flowers to traffic congestion, it’s not surprising that human migration follows an order of its own. Art historian Maximilian Schich and his colleagues, seeking to explore the movement of artistic centers throughout Western history, have mapped the births and deaths of more than 150,000 cultural revolutionaries (famous artists, actors, politicians, ... Read More »

Modern Hermits – the Paradox of Social Solitude

old man hermit crouched writing underneath a tree

Today hermits are challenging their image, just as they did when they first appeared in the 4th century. Rather than embodying the stereotype of a monk or nun praying in silence and living alone, hermits are becoming a surprisingly connected community. Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported on a village seeking a hermit who also likes people, an apparent paradox. Can ... Read More »

Be a trendsetter!

The New York Times newsroom black and white

A lot of journalists are writing about the fate of journalism these days, trying their hardest to figure out whither it all goest. One might even be forgiven for suspecting that writing about journalism is what’s keeping journalism alive. How to make money at it is certainly a Big Question in the era of free (and if you’ve got the inside ... Read More »

Datsyukian Deke and the Unifying Language of Culture

Red Wing's Datsyuk skates pass Chicago Blackhawk's Handzus

There is a small percentage of folks that know what a Datsyukian reference is. Maybe there are a few hundred thousand of us world wide. It could be more, I don’t know. It’s an obscure colloquialism in a small but growing culture. We don’t brag about it. We relish in it. When Datsyukian things happen, we spread the Datsyuk. Our ... Read More »