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Art Makes You Smart

Sarah Halstead’s art classroom at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado, brims with creativity. Finished projects are piled up on a table, the ceiling tiles have been painted by former pupils and students are always milling around working on their pottery, even in the off periods. Halstead greets individuals as they trickle in for Pottery and Sculpture 1 and then ... Read More »

Happiness Is a Warm School


Happiness is when you feel really good about somebody. —Al Green, Love and Happiness Ah, happiness—that slippery but sublime thing that we all seem to be chasing throughout our lives! Where do we find it? How do we hang on to it, and what can we learn from those who seem to have never lost it? I’m talking about those ... Read More »

An Open Classroom for the World (Could this TEDx talk go viral?)

the agora projects

What if Self-Organizing Learning Environments (SOLE) spell the end of conventional education for the next culture? I was minding my own business two and a half years ago when a friend and supporter of my unorthodox entrepreneurial inclinations arranged for me to meet with another creative actionist and cultural change agent. Of course, we met at Alfalfa’s Market in Boulder, ... Read More »

Free e-learning is getting a makeover


Online education is in an exciting growth phase that’s giving us better design. Tutorial videos are becoming shorter, more condensed, and more aesthetically appealing. There are new apps for on-the-go learning, and Google is providing educational games that live up to their innovative reputation. Khan Academy, the world’s largest interactive online classroom, has been paying close attention to feedback from their 10 million monthly users. Created by Salmon ... Read More »

EPIDEMIC ANSWERS: Visual Motor Skills and Math

Based on a talk Dr. Harry Wachs gave at the 1999 Third International Congress on Behavioral Optometry in McLean, VA Visual motor skills and math:  Children who have internalized visual cognitive skills through early childhood experiences in sandboxes, in bathtubs, and with toys, usually demonstrate high math achievement. Others learn required arithmetic computations by rote performance or memory. Although teachers ... Read More »

We Don’t Need No Thought Control

drawing of a robot

As a child, by the end of a typical school day my mind was numb and exhausted from endless busy work. When my parents asked excitedly, “How was your day?” and “What did you learn?” my answers were, “fine” and “stuff.” And I wasn’t the only kid who was bored by the standardized, factory-like education in which we played the ... Read More »

Not a pretty picture: high-stakes testing and school discipline in China

chinese education system

There’s a revolution happening in China. It’s a quiet one, but full of the intensity of parents who are upset with their schools, teachers longing to teach what students need, and children rebelling at the lockstep march towards high scores on the gaokao exam, a two- day government-administered standardized test that has been called “an SAT on steroids.” On a trip to Shanghai last fall, I spoke with all ... Read More »

Creativity Is Bravery

montage of artistic photos of cameras, supporting creativity and bravery

Do you want to be more creative? Write that novel you know you have in you, start a company, solve the world’s problems? It takes guts, says creativity researcher Robert Sternberg, and you have to practice it. Creativity is not just the province of those who are born with it, it’s a habit that can be cultivated. As a successful writer ... Read More »

Is Copying the Key to Creativity?

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Part of this post is copied, and I am losing track of which part, but it likely is the part that follows in quotes, but I am not sure who or what is being quoted because this was found on the Internet after it was reposted.  But note the posting was a reposting and the subject is how copying is ... Read More »

MARCY AXNESS: Is Your Child Ready to Read? A Checklist

We live in a culture deeply devoted to getting its citizens to read at the earliest possible ages. Whether it’s flashcards, alphabet-focused toys, or “teachable moments about letters” sprinkled throughout daily life with toddlers and preschoolers, we seem hellbent on early reading. And parents feel little choice in the matter: sadly, a 5- or 6-year-old kindergarden student in public or ... Read More »