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The Reader

the reader

It waited for him in the dusty treatises On his father’s bookshelf, in the back stacks Of the local library, in the rare book room And the manuscript collection on the fifth floor, In the basement where they kept the well-thumbed Periodicals and crumbling theology texts. Unshelved and displaced, uncatalogued, overdue, It waited in the background while he scanned The ... Read More »

What If God Became Bored?

Statue of man lying by river

I recently stumbled across an excerpt of an Alan Watts lecture titled What if God Became Bored? It suggests that God, an omniscient, omnipotent being, had exhausted all its options for creation and exploration and experience. Having exhausted the entirety of its entertainment options, God decided to stop being God. God created an infinite number of options where anything would be ... Read More »

God Is an Atheist

The cover to the book God is an Atheist by N. Nosirrah philosophy and religion

I was talking to God the other night, when He told me something disturbing, and truthfully, somewhat baffling. Now, you probably doubt that I was talking to God, and likely think I was delusional, or talking to myself, and you might be right about that, but as I am trying to explain, in a way I don’t care what you ... Read More »

Are we hallucinating when we see god?

Ancient Future by Krystleyez, a fractal image science of hallucinations

Oliver Sacks, the physician, best-selling author, and professor of neurology and psychiatry, has spent much of his life exploring hallucinations—the subject of his newest book. He believes that we are all potential hallucinators and describes such experiences of his own, his patients, and the famous, including Dostoevsky and Lewis Carroll. In an interview, he talks about hallucinations induced by psychedelics: ... Read More »