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Happiness Is a Warm School


Happiness is when you feel really good about somebody. —Al Green, Love and Happiness Ah, happiness—that slippery but sublime thing that we all seem to be chasing throughout our lives! Where do we find it? How do we hang on to it, and what can we learn from those who seem to have never lost it? I’m talking about those ... Read More »

We Don’t Need No Thought Control

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As a child, by the end of a typical school day my mind was numb and exhausted from endless busy work. When my parents asked excitedly, “How was your day?” and “What did you learn?” my answers were, “fine” and “stuff.” And I wasn’t the only kid who was bored by the standardized, factory-like education in which we played the ... Read More »

Four Ways Not to Hate Your Job

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What makes work satisfying for some and drudgery for others? According to a study conducted jointly by Harvard Business Review and The Energy Project (a consulting firm), work is most rewarding when it engages us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Not surprisingly, they found that engaged workers get more done. Three times more, it turns out. Creating a satisfied worker is not a ... Read More »

MARCY AXNESS: Mining Joy from the Muck of Daily Mothering

If you’ve followed me much, maybe you’ve heard me say this already: motherhood brought me to my knees. Motherhood broke me open, and then brought me… sometimes kicking and screaming (literally)… through the muck of daily mothering to a fullness of selfhood I couldn’t have even begun to imagine at the beginning of the bumpy journey. I was a walking list ... Read More »


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I’ve always had fond memories of towns with Mom and Pop storefronts along Main Street, or quaint historical districts. I’ve never really thought about why this is true, until reading the Atlantic article “Why We’re Sometimes Kind Without Reason.” Despite never having lived in this kind of place, I feel a similar fondness to what Charles Montgomery describes in this ... Read More »