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The Brave New World of Extreme Pain Management

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First Lieutenant Sam Brown has been through hell—literally—beginning the moment an IED connected with his Humvee in the Kandahar desert of Afghanistan and set his body on fire. Brown’s life since then has involved managing the excruciating pain of a severe-burn patient. Drugs like ketamine, Dilaudid, and morphine can help but they have many unwanted side effects. Luckily for Brown and others in his ... Read More »

BETH LAMBERT: A Unique Approach to Healing

The Canary Kids Project Grassroots Initiative Tackles New Childhood Epidemics One of the greatest paradoxes of our times is that the most affluent, resourced and medically advanced societies in the world also have the highest rates of chronic childhood illness. Obesity and diabetes, autism and neurodevelopmental delays, and digestive and allergic diseases were rare just a generation ago. Today those ... Read More »

Clean With Your Food!

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Picking up a bottle of white vinegar next time you’re at the grocery store may be one of the best things you’ve done for the environment lately. A bottle of vinegar can go far; from removing stains to cleaning tile, the all-natural power of white vinegar is unstoppable. 23 Ingenious Uses For White Vinegar lists countless options for this cheap ... Read More »


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I’ve always had fond memories of towns with Mom and Pop storefronts along Main Street, or quaint historical districts. I’ve never really thought about why this is true, until reading the Atlantic article “Why We’re Sometimes Kind Without Reason.” Despite never having lived in this kind of place, I feel a similar fondness to what Charles Montgomery describes in this ... Read More »

No Tobacco for You, Says CVS Pharmacy

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Fifty years ago, the Surgeon General warned us of the dangers of smoking. Since then, despite the many actions taken to quiet this habit—warnings on cigarette packages, bans on advertising, first to teens, then to everyone—nothing seems to have worked. “Smokers today have a greater risk of developing lung cancer than they did when the first Surgeon General’s report was ... Read More »