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Balloons, and Satellites, and Drones, Oh My! The Internet’s New Horizons

project loon balloon

The internet of today will not be the internet of tomorrow. As the future of a free-flowing internet is up for debate in Congress, the verdict from private industry is clear: more internet for more people equals more opportunity. Three titans of industry are hoping to expand the boundaries of the internet, making it available to more than 4 billion people ... Read More »

Monkey See, Monkey Selfie

selfie created by a female Celebes crested macaque

For those out of the know, the selfie is a well-established tradition of internet culture in which one takes a one-handed self-portrait with a camera or phone. A selfie spontaneously taken by an adorable monkey sounds practically tailor-made for going viral. In 2011, professional nature photographer David Slater lugged his camera equipment through an Indonesian forest in search of rare ... Read More »

Is Technology Making Us Afraid of People?

I’ve been reading a book on marketing called Youtility by Jay Baer. Four chapters in, he brings up something rather insightful: access to the Internet has made people passive aggressive. I wondered, could technology cause more than antisocial behavior? Could overusing technology lead to a fear of interacting with others, or worse, make us afraid of other people? Now, I’m ... Read More »

What does the Internet look like?

map of the Internet 1.0, Jay Simons.

This map of the internet is brilliant and you can get it for yourself! Read More »

Grand Porn Experiment

suggestive picture of a woman in a mini-skirt

If the pharmaceutical industry doped the world’s water supply with stimulants as an experiment, didn’t tell anyone, and further didn’t even do a study of what the results were, would you find that of interest? If your children, your family and your friends were having electronic waves beamed through their brains, stimulating brain changes in new and unknown ways, would ... Read More »

Is Copying the Key to Creativity?

a red circular badge with a black and white cartoon giving thumbs up

Part of this post is copied, and I am losing track of which part, but it likely is the part that follows in quotes, but I am not sure who or what is being quoted because this was found on the Internet after it was reposted.  But note the posting was a reposting and the subject is how copying is ... Read More »

Why settle for virtual reality?

Guy with Google Glasses and mono earbuds

Living in the present moment is the sought after quality of many—appreciating what is, rather than anticipating or predicting what isn’t. As we observe the present, there is a natural tendency to wonder what may be arising that is unpredictable. Would you agree “what isn’t” is always more important than “what is”? Oscar Wilde had a classic one-liner: “To expect the unexpected ... Read More »