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The Beauty of the Humdrum

Stainless, Adam Magyar, conceptual photography

With ticket in hand, a man enters the turnstile, and minutes pass before the subway rumbles in, grinding to an ear-piercing halt. This familiar  mass transportation scene – the hallmark of the everyday – dots the world in various forms: buses crawling New York, speeding trains of Tokyo, the London tube. It is this everyday that fascinates Adam Magyar, who transmutes it into a new ... Read More »

DANNA BEAL, WORKPLACE CULTURE: Renew, Restore, and Rebuild

Gallup’s 2013 Report on the State of the American Workplace is Revealing Spring is a wonderful time of the year to renew, restore, and rebuild in all areas of your life, including your workplace.If you are not fulfilled or are feeling stress from your workplace, you are not alone. Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace survey showed that of the ... Read More »

Why settle for virtual reality?

Guy with Google Glasses and mono earbuds

Living in the present moment is the sought after quality of many—appreciating what is, rather than anticipating or predicting what isn’t. As we observe the present, there is a natural tendency to wonder what may be arising that is unpredictable. Would you agree “what isn’t” is always more important than “what is”? Oscar Wilde had a classic one-liner: “To expect the unexpected ... Read More »

The Wisdom of F#@k It!

slots machine that spell fuck it, one of the modern Zen koans

Last summer, while on a pilgrimage in Ireland, I wandered around the city of Cork.  The flavor of my inner life at the time was one of worry, losing control, with a few dashes of desperation. I went there after leaving a spiritual community; my relationship was in unknown territory, and I was broke. In such conditions my temperament and defense ... Read More »

Louis CK

Louis CK

Louis CK and the horrors of cell phones. Read More »