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Women Rising: It’s Time

Mothers at a baby shower, representing Mother's Day and female solidarity

What We Don’t Know About Mother’s Day and Other Holidays Perpetuates Ignorance. Haven’t we all heard that ignorance of the past condemns us to repeat our mistakes? What would life be like if we embraced all of our sacred and secular holidays as if they applied to every day? How would that elevate our awareness? How would we behave if ... Read More »

ELIAS AMIDON: The World of Peace

Seventy years ago this week, with Allied armies advancing across northern Europe, Tokyo in a firestorm, and the ovens of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen burning furiously, my mother gave birth to a baby boy. My birth at that tortured moment in history motivated my parents to send out a card to their friends announcing “the arrival of a new citizen for ... Read More »

LAURA SIMMS: The Space Between Is Where Peace Happens

ASSUMPTIONS create havoc. They destroy relationships. They ignore the space between speaking and hearing , where everything travels and is alive with energy and feeling. Inquiry before accusation opens territory for dialogue and deeper relationships. It is a pause button of invaluable kindness. Acting on assumptions, hearsay or events out of context are the cause for harm. The few minutes ... Read More »

WILLIAM WALKER: Express Yourself Fully and Then Be Silent

There is an expression in the Tao Te Ching: express yourself fully and then be silent. There is a lot of wisdom in this expression. It speaks to the human journey, the cosmic intelligence, the distinction of being and becoming, and the nondual realization of the two. Humans are guided by two primary movements, which from a nondual perspective are ... Read More »

VICTORIA FLOOR: An Anti-despot Screed

The Koch Brothers as clowns

Stand By Meek The U.S. of Koch is a telltale sign: our demise is near, and there’s no divine. We are not a herd, or a swarming hive; among our kind, but a few can’t thrive. There won’t be time to adjust our genes, our race is poised for some horror scenes. When the masses die at the rogues’ behest, ... Read More »

The Power of Story

tag cloud of storytelling

I’m from a family of storytellers. It’s the norm at gatherings for clusters to form, circles of five, sometimes ten, where we tell each other stories about our lives. It seems like conversation, but it’s storytelling. Each story relates to the previous, makes a turn, then someone jumps in to make another connection, another story, another turn. We riff off ... Read More »

Inner Security vs. National Security

peace and security

What if we invested $500 billion every year on peace initiatives? What if the opinion leaders of society decided that the 21st century would be the time we put an end to hot or cold war? Is it a dream, or can it become our reality? What are your thoughts on inner security vs. national security? Read More »