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OPEN CULTURE: Georges Bataille—An Introduction to The Radical Philosopher’s Life & Thought Through Film and eTexts

Charles Baudelaire’s decadent visions pushed the Victorian cult of beauty toward modernism, Henry Miller’s lurid epics pushed a then staid modernism toward anarchic beat writing, and Georges Bataille and the surrealists of his arts journal Documents gave us much of the culture we have today, call it what you will if postmodern is too passé. Obsessed with torture, pornography, horror, ... Read More »

OPEN CULTURE: Michael Sandel on the Partially Examined Life Podcast Talks About the Limits of a Free Market Society

Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel is one of our most famous living philosophers. His course, Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? (available via YouTube, iTunes, or Harvard’s web page) has been enjoyed by more than 14,000 students over 30 years, and was recently offered as a Massive Open Online Course. In July, the Partially Examined Life philosophy podcast discussed Sandel’s first ... Read More »

OPEN CULTURE: Philosophy Referee Hand Signals

                                      The next time you’re presiding over an intense philosophical debate, feel free to use these hand signals to referee things. Devised by philosophy prof Landon Schurtz, these hand signals were jokingly meant to be used at APA (American Philosophy Association) conferences. Personally, I think they ... Read More »

NY TIMES OPINIONATOR: The Wisdom of the Exile

At one point in its history, the tango was popular in the world of Buenos Aires’s brothels. Toward the end of the 19th century, young immigrants — single, male, working class — who had come to Argentina to try their luck would seek comfort in the drink, entertainment and female companionship there. Argentines as distinguished as Jorge Luis Borges have ... Read More »

OPEN CULTURE: Hear Michel Foucault’s Lecture “The Culture of the Self,” Presented in English at UC Berkeley (1983)

Michel Foucault’s time in the United States in the last years of his life, particularly his time as a lecturer at UC Berkeley, proved to be extraordinarily productive in the development of his theoretical understanding of what he saw as the central question facing the contemporary West: the question of the self. In his 1983 Berkeley lectures in English on ... Read More »

NY TIMES OPINIONATOR: Do I Have the Right to Be?

It’s a disturbing thought: All of us are alive today thanks at least partly to some mass atrocity that was committed in the past. This is because war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing invariably affect who is born after them. Who knows how many of us can claim, “Even if the Holocaust had not occurred, I would ... Read More »

Book Review: The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

Book Cover to the Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida literature on autism

This is an extraordinary book! When I try to describe it to people I get goose bumps and my eyes well up with tears. I cry almost every time I pick it up. The Reason I Jump has power, which comes from its authenticity as the first of its kind. The author, Naoki Higashida of Japan, is only thirteen years old. ... Read More »

WILLIAM WALKER: Express Yourself Fully and Then Be Silent

There is an expression in the Tao Te Ching: express yourself fully and then be silent. There is a lot of wisdom in this expression. It speaks to the human journey, the cosmic intelligence, the distinction of being and becoming, and the nondual realization of the two. Humans are guided by two primary movements, which from a nondual perspective are ... Read More »

God Is an Atheist

The cover to the book God is an Atheist by N. Nosirrah philosophy and religion

I was talking to God the other night, when He told me something disturbing, and truthfully, somewhat baffling. Now, you probably doubt that I was talking to God, and likely think I was delusional, or talking to myself, and you might be right about that, but as I am trying to explain, in a way I don’t care what you ... Read More »

What is your true self?

Pablo Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror, reflecting on her true self

Faced with an important decision that affects your future, you may think in terms of what will make you happy, say, ten years from now. But how much do you know about the ten-year-older you and what will satisfy her? Read More »