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The Beauty of the Humdrum

Stainless, Adam Magyar, conceptual photography

With ticket in hand, a man enters the turnstile, and minutes pass before the subway rumbles in, grinding to an ear-piercing halt. This familiar  mass transportation scene – the hallmark of the everyday – dots the world in various forms: buses crawling New York, speeding trains of Tokyo, the London tube. It is this everyday that fascinates Adam Magyar, who transmutes it into a new ... Read More »

Exotic Photos of Women by Nadja Ellinger

exotic photos of women

This German photographer has a distinctive style. More here. Read More »

Ruin Porn

The Packard Plant in Detroit, Michigan. A former GM behemoth now in ruins.

Ruin Porn, a sexy new term for a not so new cultural phenomenon, can be defined as a fascination with photographing and exploring abandoned buildings. Right now, Detroit is a world superstar in this arena. Having recently visited, I can attest to the fascination. City block after city block, each building is deteriorating in its own special way. Once glorious ... Read More »