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OPEN CULTURE: Michael Sandel on the Partially Examined Life Podcast Talks About the Limits of a Free Market Society

Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel is one of our most famous living philosophers. His course, Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? (available via YouTube, iTunes, or Harvard’s web page) has been enjoyed by more than 14,000 students over 30 years, and was recently offered as a Massive Open Online Course. In July, the Partially Examined Life philosophy podcast discussed Sandel’s first ... Read More »

CHARLES EISENSTEIN: The Revolution Is Love

In a couple hours I’m giving a keynote to the Green Party annual meeting, and going over in my mind how to approach my topic, “The Revolution is Love.” One idea I have is to draw on the idea of “prefiguraritve politics” that was current in the Occupy movement (but which has a much longer history than that.) It says ... Read More »

OPEN CULTURE: The CIA’s Style Manual & Writer’s Guide: 185 Pages of Tips for Writing Like a Spy

                  Along with toppling democratically elected governments, funneling money illegally to dubious political groups and producing pornographic movies about heads of state, the Central Intelligence Agency has also been fiendishly good at manipulating language. After all, this is the organization that made “waterboarding” seem much more acceptable, at least to the Washington elite, ... Read More »

OPEN CULTURE: Jean-Paul Sartre Rejects the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1964 – “It Was Monstrous!”

In a 2013 blog post, the great Ursula K. Le Guin quotes a London Times Literary Supplement column by a “J.C.,” who satirically proposes the “Jean-Paul Sartre Prize for Prize Refusal.” “Writers all over Europe and America are turning down awards in the hope of being nominated for a Sartre,” writes J.C., “The Sartre Prize itself has never been refused.” ... Read More »

Art That Changes the World

Art Poster of Apocalypse ofAmerican dollar bill with George Washington with a third eye/activist art

Art has a long history of provocation, asking us to enlarge our vision and see with new eyes. This is also the agenda of the political activist, who employs petitions, lobbying, and canvassing. So not surprisingly, some activists are using art as a potent tool for change, while some artists are learning to sharpen their political point. The Center for Creative Activism is at the forefront of uniting ... Read More »

The Power of Story

tag cloud of storytelling

I’m from a family of storytellers. It’s the norm at gatherings for clusters to form, circles of five, sometimes ten, where we tell each other stories about our lives. It seems like conversation, but it’s storytelling. Each story relates to the previous, makes a turn, then someone jumps in to make another connection, another story, another turn. We riff off ... Read More »

Actual, Relevant, Real Television News (I know, right?)

Vice Opening Screen

Edward R. Murrow must be turning in his grave. More and more the news that streams through our televisions is biased, trite, and sensationalized. Unwatchable, for me. Until now. I’m a rabid fan of HBO’s  news series, Vice, hosted by the co-founders of Vice Magazine, which launched from Montreal in 1994. It was this most recent episode that sold me. ... Read More »

Inner Security vs. National Security

peace and security

What if we invested $500 billion every year on peace initiatives? What if the opinion leaders of society decided that the 21st century would be the time we put an end to hot or cold war? Is it a dream, or can it become our reality? What are your thoughts on inner security vs. national security? Read More »

Big Oil and Bad Air on the Texas Prairie

environmental dangers of fracking

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more!”  You’ll discover what I’m mad about in a minute. Another Academy Awards show is done. Let’s reflect on the only Best Actor award to be won posthumously – Peter Finch received the Oscar in 1976 for playing Howard Beale as a tormented news anchor in Network. Here’s ... Read More »