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Fractals: Happiness Within the Infinite

Coastline fractal image

For many people life represents a pilgrimage: a rat race to financial success, a scramble to stake a claim on our own little place in the sun, a yearning to engrave a happy ending on our tombstones. The great “pursuit of happiness.” This yearning to “make something of ourselves” requires us to form an order out of the chaos that surrounds us—chaos that seems ... Read More »

OPEN CULTURE: Stephen Hawking Starts Posting on Facebook–Join His Quest to Explain What Makes the Universe Exist

I have no idea whether there’s intelligent life out there in the universe. But we can at least confirm that there’s a little intelligent life on Facebook, seeing that Stephen Hawking, the world’s best known theoretical physicist, began posting there yesterday. His first status update reads: I have always wondered what makes the universe exist. Time and space may forever ... Read More »

Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer

biocomputer cartoon

“In the province of the mind…there are no limits.” -John C. Lilly That was the conclusion of the late neuroscientist and psychoanalyst John C Lilly more than a half a century ago. In a small summary report written for the National Institute of Mental Health, entitled Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer (1966-1967), Lilly lends his unique insight after five years of ... Read More »

God and Science Go to Hollywood

Magic Ball

As a consummate Marvel fangirl, I immediately sat down to watch Marvel’s newest TV show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when it came out in September 2013. While it wasn’t an amazing show, as a loyal (and unemployed) fan, I kept watching. So I was rather surprised when, in one of the final episodes of the season, a short discussion over impending ... Read More »

Shhhhh, Stephen Hawking has Something to Say

Stephen Hawking

Why is it when Stephen Hawking speaks, I listen (very carefully)? Maybe it’s because I’ve heard he is the smartest guy in the world. Though to be fair, quantifying “smartest” is almost impossible. Let’s just say he’s a big mind; a very very very big mind. So when he expresses concern about our future, particularly in the realm of Artificial ... Read More »

Book Review: The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

Book Cover to the Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida literature on autism

This is an extraordinary book! When I try to describe it to people I get goose bumps and my eyes well up with tears. I cry almost every time I pick it up. The Reason I Jump has power, which comes from its authenticity as the first of its kind. The author, Naoki Higashida of Japan, is only thirteen years old. ... Read More »

Mass extinction: foregone conclusion or call to action?

two colorful planets aligned

Elizabeth Kolbert’s new book, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, turns our thinking upside down regarding the environmental catastrophe occurring before our eyes. Species and natural habitats are disappearing incredibly rapidly, and organizations such as the Center for Biological Diversity  report that we are the cause. In James Temple’s recent interview of Kolbert she sounds the alarm clearly: further extinction is inevitable at this point; we ... Read More »

Are we hallucinating when we see god?

Ancient Future by Krystleyez, a fractal image science of hallucinations

Oliver Sacks, the physician, best-selling author, and professor of neurology and psychiatry, has spent much of his life exploring hallucinations—the subject of his newest book. He believes that we are all potential hallucinators and describes such experiences of his own, his patients, and the famous, including Dostoevsky and Lewis Carroll. In an interview, he talks about hallucinations induced by psychedelics: ... Read More »

Future of the Mind

microchip brain, which might be the answer to consciousness and technology

Stephen Hawking has a microchip attached to the rim of his eye glasses. It reads his brain waves, turning his thoughts into text. For lesser minds, the same chip has to be attached directly to the brain, just under the top of the scalp. Eventually, these chips will be able to receive downloads, allowing us to learn complex volumes of ... Read More »

What is your true self?

Pablo Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror, reflecting on her true self

Faced with an important decision that affects your future, you may think in terms of what will make you happy, say, ten years from now. But how much do you know about the ten-year-older you and what will satisfy her? Read More »