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NOTES FROM THE INBOX: what we’re NOT doing.

my blog is excerpts from my emails regarding Next Culture. this particular one is about the way we write articles. by the time you read this, the rules will have changed;-) email to Joe: so here’s a first attempt at an outline for what a Next Culture article looks like. i’m glad you asked for this. it’s a useful exercise ... Read More »

MARCY AXNESS: My Three Mothers—An Appreciation

I had three mothers and I needed them all. I’m dedicating this Mother’s Day reflection to all you mamas out there who fill so many roles and wear so many hats in meeting your children’s needs — and you’re  just one mother! You are masters of the bob-and-weave, performing complex multi-task maneuvering to cover the many bases required of moms. My three ... Read More »

THE ORDER OF THE GOOD DEATH: That Precious Time – Present With the Dead Body

One morning, my partner Kurt looked into our field and saw a black horse that wasn’t there.  The horse looked just like our neighbor Jeremy Frith’s horse, and turned out to be a harbinger of his impending death. A week earlier, Jeremy had been admitted to the emergency department due to concerns about his heart, but after EKG and blood pressure ... Read More »

LAURA SIMMS: The Space Between Is Where Peace Happens

ASSUMPTIONS create havoc. They destroy relationships. They ignore the space between speaking and hearing , where everything travels and is alive with energy and feeling. Inquiry before accusation opens territory for dialogue and deeper relationships. It is a pause button of invaluable kindness. Acting on assumptions, hearsay or events out of context are the cause for harm. The few minutes ... Read More »

The Power of Story

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I’m from a family of storytellers. It’s the norm at gatherings for clusters to form, circles of five, sometimes ten, where we tell each other stories about our lives. It seems like conversation, but it’s storytelling. Each story relates to the previous, makes a turn, then someone jumps in to make another connection, another story, another turn. We riff off ... Read More »