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Balloons, and Satellites, and Drones, Oh My! The Internet’s New Horizons

project loon balloon

The internet of today will not be the internet of tomorrow. As the future of a free-flowing internet is up for debate in Congress, the verdict from private industry is clear: more internet for more people equals more opportunity. Three titans of industry are hoping to expand the boundaries of the internet, making it available to more than 4 billion people ... Read More »

Why Is This Bench Melting?

Jeppe Hein's bench, one of the many pieces that show social interaction in art

It is said that art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. Danish artist Jeppe Hein, while not disturbed, is certainly doing the former—literally. This artist has installed art pieces around the world that turn the placid, boring public bench into something completely new. This once-quiet resting place now engenders a hub of activity. Some of Hein’s benches are ... Read More »

Is Technology Making Us Afraid of People?

I’ve been reading a book on marketing called Youtility by Jay Baer. Four chapters in, he brings up something rather insightful: access to the Internet has made people passive aggressive. I wondered, could technology cause more than antisocial behavior? Could overusing technology lead to a fear of interacting with others, or worse, make us afraid of other people? Now, I’m ... Read More »

The Robots Are Coming!

robot girl

Have you noticed the uptick in news about robots? Not only is there an explosion of  robotics articles these days, but it turns out that some of them may have been written by robots! The Associated Press is the latest news outlet to jump on the bandwagon. AP automated writers will be churning out more than ten times the number of earnings reports than their human ... Read More »

Modern Hermits – the Paradox of Social Solitude

old man hermit crouched writing underneath a tree

Today hermits are challenging their image, just as they did when they first appeared in the 4th century. Rather than embodying the stereotype of a monk or nun praying in silence and living alone, hermits are becoming a surprisingly connected community. Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported on a village seeking a hermit who also likes people, an apparent paradox. Can ... Read More »

Whither goest the Vale of Silicon…

Man standing in front of Google's gingerbread man in Silicon Valley

Friends left good jobs at Autodesk in 1999 to start a dotcom selling pantyhose. They were men: who can fault them for thinking pantyhose were a hot commodity? Today, Autodesk looks stronger than ever, while gazelle.com barely hoisted its web banner before it went down with the dotcom bust. Greed may be good in Hollywood films, but it tends to have a catastrophic effect on the economy: when reality catches ... Read More »

LAURA SIMMS: The Space Between Is Where Peace Happens

ASSUMPTIONS create havoc. They destroy relationships. They ignore the space between speaking and hearing , where everything travels and is alive with energy and feeling. Inquiry before accusation opens territory for dialogue and deeper relationships. It is a pause button of invaluable kindness. Acting on assumptions, hearsay or events out of context are the cause for harm. The few minutes ... Read More »

The Brave New World of Extreme Pain Management

Virtual reality goggles

First Lieutenant Sam Brown has been through hell—literally—beginning the moment an IED connected with his Humvee in the Kandahar desert of Afghanistan and set his body on fire. Brown’s life since then has involved managing the excruciating pain of a severe-burn patient. Drugs like ketamine, Dilaudid, and morphine can help but they have many unwanted side effects. Luckily for Brown and others in his ... Read More »

What does the Internet look like?

map of the Internet 1.0, Jay Simons.

This map of the internet is brilliant and you can get it for yourself! Read More »

Datsyukian Deke and the Unifying Language of Culture

Red Wing's Datsyuk skates pass Chicago Blackhawk's Handzus

There is a small percentage of folks that know what a Datsyukian reference is. Maybe there are a few hundred thousand of us world wide. It could be more, I don’t know. It’s an obscure colloquialism in a small but growing culture. We don’t brag about it. We relish in it. When Datsyukian things happen, we spread the Datsyuk. Our ... Read More »