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Where Culture Goes

Catalan Atlas, 1375

Since patterns are an integral part of our world, from flowers to traffic congestion, it’s not surprising that human migration follows an order of its own. Art historian Maximilian Schich and his colleagues, seeking to explore the movement of artistic centers throughout Western history, have mapped the births and deaths of more than 150,000 cultural revolutionaries (famous artists, actors, politicians, ... Read More »

Spiral Jetty: The Road to Nowhere

car driving toward the spiral jetty

It turns out the road to nowhere leads somewhere. In this case, forty miles off I-15 in northern Utah, seventeen miles of which is dirt road, on a remote coastline of the Great Salt Lake, you’ll find Robert Smithson’s Earth art, Spiral Jetty. I love this kind of road trip, barreling down dirt roads, dusting up the joy of not ... Read More »

Perfect Coffee By Appointment ONLY

Kiyota making coffee

I’m not one for rules. Sure, there’s gravity and such. I’m obligated to those. But the written rule or the posted notice, not so much. In my own world, at museums, I’m allowed to touch the art. Hiroshi Kiyota’s by appointment only coffee shop located secretly somewhere in Tokyo, described in this article by Nicholas Coldicott, is a place with ... Read More »

Uncle Charlie

homeless man sleeping on grass

Some people emanate light wherever they are. They instinctively see the inner spark in people and feed it. They uplift and empower, because that’s just what they’re here to do. My friend Charlie is one of these people. As many people are, I was drawn to Charlie’s energy. He has a warm, energetic invitation, which his Brooklyn accent only magnifies. ... Read More »

The Wisdom of F#@k It!

slots machine that spell fuck it, one of the modern Zen koans

Last summer, while on a pilgrimage in Ireland, I wandered around the city of Cork.  The flavor of my inner life at the time was one of worry, losing control, with a few dashes of desperation. I went there after leaving a spiritual community; my relationship was in unknown territory, and I was broke. In such conditions my temperament and defense ... Read More »

Ruin Porn

The Packard Plant in Detroit, Michigan. A former GM behemoth now in ruins.

Ruin Porn, a sexy new term for a not so new cultural phenomenon, can be defined as a fascination with photographing and exploring abandoned buildings. Right now, Detroit is a world superstar in this arena. Having recently visited, I can attest to the fascination. City block after city block, each building is deteriorating in its own special way. Once glorious ... Read More »