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The Changing Climate of Philanthropy

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The climate of environmental philanthropy is changing. While some tech moguls are spending their millions adapting a class system to Burning Man, others are fueling major global initiatives to prepare for the inevitable consequences of climate change. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its first report in seven years—a whopping 2,500 page analysis released over several months beginning last September ... Read More »

WEALTH DISPARITY: What If The One Percent Was You?

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In the post-recession, 21st-century America, many of us see ourselves on one side of an economic fence with the 1% on the other. We know that for nearly forty years the gap between the top and bottom wage earners has widened exponentially. Since 1979, real annual wages for the top 90-95th percent of earners have grown 35.7%, wages for the next 95-99th percent have ... Read More »

WEALTH DISPARITY: Inequality and a Wealth of Dithering

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Perhaps no debate in the American political atmosphere has been as persistent or as divisive as the question of what—if anything—to do about national wealth disparity. This debate has served as a fulcrum for our socioeconomic identity as well as government policy—foreign and domestic—for more than a century. Political careers have been forged and broken over it, communism was embraced ... Read More »