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Women Rising: It’s Time

Mothers at a baby shower, representing Mother's Day and female solidarity

What We Don’t Know About Mother’s Day and Other Holidays Perpetuates Ignorance. Haven’t we all heard that ignorance of the past condemns us to repeat our mistakes? What would life be like if we embraced all of our sacred and secular holidays as if they applied to every day? How would that elevate our awareness? How would we behave if ... Read More »

What is beauty?


Human beings universally seek beauty in others, but a misrepresented version plagues our society. In 2007, the US ranked first in the amount spent on beauty products. The average American is exposed to 1,500 advertisements a day, and almost half of those are beauty-related. We’re a culture obsessed with how we look, but the image many women strive for is ... Read More »

Exotic Photos of Women by Nadja Ellinger

exotic photos of women

This German photographer has a distinctive style. More here. Read More »

MARCY AXNESS: Jeannine Parvati Baker at 65 ~ An Appreciation

The very word itself… yogini …sounds like the image of Jeannine Parvati Baker in full-flowering asana mastery: lithe stems curling around o-so-full center of heartful breath. At once elfin and elegant. A bold design, a weaver of words. Alive forever in our memory. This pioneering activist for homebirth, unassisted childbirth and newborn rights would have turned sixty-five this week. Far from ... Read More »