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OPEN CULTURE: The CIA’s Style Manual & Writer’s Guide: 185 Pages of Tips for Writing Like a Spy

                  Along with toppling democratically elected governments, funneling money illegally to dubious political groups and producing pornographic movies about heads of state, the Central Intelligence Agency has also been fiendishly good at manipulating language. After all, this is the organization that made “waterboarding” seem much more acceptable, at least to the Washington elite, ... Read More »

NOTES FROM THE INBOX: what we’re NOT doing.

my blog is excerpts from my emails regarding Next Culture. this particular one is about the way we write articles. by the time you read this, the rules will have changed;-) email to Joe: so here’s a first attempt at an outline for what a Next Culture article looks like. i’m glad you asked for this. it’s a useful exercise ... Read More »

Be a trendsetter!

The New York Times newsroom black and white

A lot of journalists are writing about the fate of journalism these days, trying their hardest to figure out whither it all goest. One might even be forgiven for suspecting that writing about journalism is what’s keeping journalism alive. How to make money at it is certainly a Big Question in the era of free (and if you’ve got the inside ... Read More »

Creativity Is Bravery

montage of artistic photos of cameras, supporting creativity and bravery

Do you want to be more creative? Write that novel you know you have in you, start a company, solve the world’s problems? It takes guts, says creativity researcher Robert Sternberg, and you have to practice it. Creativity is not just the province of those who are born with it, it’s a habit that can be cultivated. As a successful writer ... Read More »

Is Copying the Key to Creativity?

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Part of this post is copied, and I am losing track of which part, but it likely is the part that follows in quotes, but I am not sure who or what is being quoted because this was found on the Internet after it was reposted.  But note the posting was a reposting and the subject is how copying is ... Read More »