The Rise of the Divine Wild Feminine
The Goddess Kali (Source: Wikipedia,

The Rise of the Divine Wild Feminine

Does the sensuality of a powerful woman terrify you? In my experience it should. I speak of the kind of terror that evokes a deep and reverent visceral response. The kind of terror that humans feel in utter blackness. A fear that simultaneously paralyzes and inspires respect. Do you experience trepidation of the unknown, anything beyond your ability to control or dominate? Could that fear be part of the equation that holds us back from living a fully liberated existence? Could the fear of not knowing hold us back from designing our next culture? 

Kali, the embodiment of the divine feminine, in her wrathful form is believed to have the capacity to create and destroy the entire universe with a single glance. She is sister to Medusa, Lilith, the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Crow Mother of the Hopi, and the Black Madonna of European Catholicism. Of course, there are many cultural variations in each of these manifestations of the Goddess, some softer than Kali. Ultimately they all represent the power of darkness as both dangerous and restorative. That’s the kind of skillful paradoxical capacity our next culture may be required to develop. 

No doubt, if Kali approached you in a dark alley, with her necklace of skulls, her undulating tongue and her red-blood eyes, and her version of the terrible swift sword, she would get your attention in a heartbeat.  Is she dangerous? Only to your sense of self—as I have come to learn, nearly all wrathful deities serve a very important purpose—simply put, to wake us up from our slumbering, go-along, get-along consciousness.

If you’re courageous and ready to suspend your beliefs, relax and receive this message straight out of the darkness. 

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